Dell Customer Care

Dell Customer Service

Dell is one of the oldest American multinational Company which was founded in 1984. Dell is known for manufacturing, repairing, selling computer peripherals and their services too. It is the leading manufacturer of laptops, computers, printers, network switches and other related devices. Dell products are embedded with the latest technology and designs which sometimes make it difficult for user to use it. For clarifying any doubts and queries related to Dell products you need to call Dell Tech support number available 24×7 hours in a day throughout the year.

With the growing demand and usage of Dell devices, more number of users are getting attracted towards these products. But being the high-tech device doesn’t means that they are error free. There are technical as well performance flaws in the Dell products that can make the users irritated and agitated as and when confronted. But to get them resolved, seeking help from Dell tech support is advised. Some of the common errors associated with devices of Dell are listed below:

Flaws in Dell Products

Dell Computers and Laptop issues

Start Up errors

  • Computer is showing blue screen error while turning it on
  • System is not waking up after putting it in sleep mode
  • Boot process is too long to complete
  • Unable to turn on the system
  • Screen is stuck on Dell logo

Issue with upgrading, downloading

  • Unable to update the Operating system
  • Facing problem while updating and installing device drivers and software’s

Hardware errors

  • Faulty keyboard and mouse
  • Motherboard and RAM are damaged
  • Noisy fan and dust in air vents
  • Not enough memory and space in the disk drive
  • Battery is not charging properly

Connectivity issue

  • Facing problem while connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Slow, no, poor internet connectivity
  • Unable to connect with other devices using USB and Bluetooth

Issues with Dell printers

  • Unable to setup the printer with your system
  • Wastage of paper because of faded, distorted or light print output
  • Printing machine is not printing from the tray
  • Unable to print because of pending print jobs
  • Paper is being jammed in the printer
  • Empty or little ink in the ink cartridge
  • Squeaking sounds is produce while printing
  • Output print is a paper with dark or grey or with smudge or double image

The issues can be innumerable, but it is all about applying the right solution. It must be noted here that most of the issues can be sorted out through simple troubleshooting steps, but other requires expert’s assistance, in that relevance, Dell customer care Number is the best option to choose. The services provided by the technicians are long term and effective.

Resolution for fixing Dell issues

Common solutions which can be performed by laymen as well as professionals in order to fix the issue on their own:

For Computers and Laptops

  • Check all the cables are connected in correct manner
  • Install and update the system with latest version of OS, device drivers, software’s
  • Delete the unnecessary temporary files and documents from the system
  • Scan the PC for malicious malware and foreign programs
  • Regular cleaning of the laptop and computer is necessary to fix the issue of noisy fan and air-vents
Fixtures for Printers
  • Do check that all the power cables are properly connected and are not damaged
  • Make sure that there is proper ink in the cartridge
  • Clean the print tray and cartridge from time to time
  • Place the paper on print tray in correct manner
  • If there are pending print jobs then try to remove it and then give the print command
  • Always use the best quality paper for printing

These are some of the very usual solution which can fix your problem but if the problem is critical then it is highly recommended to get help from the professionals who have knowledge about all the errors of Dell products. You just have to dial Dell technical support number which is accessible throughout the day in 24 hours to troubleshoot the glitch witnessed by you. The technicians are well trained in diagnosing the errors, then guide the valued customer to implement the best feasible solution steps.