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In today’s era, people fear losing data more than their personal belongings. People don’t want to lose their data at any cost. So as a preventive measure they save the backup of their data which can be used in times of need. Likewise is the case of emails, users cannot afford losing emails so they create a backup of their emails. Different email services have different techniques to back up their data and emails. Being the active Yahoo users if you also want to create a backup of your email then just try reaching out to Yahoo customer Care number who are available 24×7 round the clock. The certified operatives will deliver the best ways in which you can save a backup of your emails.

This mail service is known for its friendly user interface and attractive features. There are some shortcomings in this free webmail service too. One of them is Yahoo does not have any email backup tool but you can save your important email and create their backup by following ways:

How to Backup Yahoo email

  • Copy Email to document

If there are less number of emails you can quickly copy the content of the email and paste it in any of the text editing application like Notepad and MS Word.

  • Email Forwarding

You can forward the emails of Yahoo account to another webmail account in order to create a backup.

  • Login to Yahoo > Options
  • Select “POP and Forwarding” then click ‘Forward yahoo mail to another email address”. You need to enter email in which you want to forward the emails and click ‘save’ to save the setting
  • POP Access enabled

You will have the authority to login and download your yahoo email from other emails service after enabling POP Access.

  • Login to Yahoo> Settings> Accounts and then click on Edit link
  • Select ‘POP’ from the drop-down menu of Access your Yahoo email elsewhere and then save the settings.

These steps can let you save the backup of your emails easily but if you find any difficulty in the process then interact with Yahoo technical support number to sort out your issue. The professionals can be reached at any time of day from anywhere to help you troubleshoot the glitch from the root.

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