fix dell pc not turning on

It will be a really horrible way to start the day when you have piles of work to do but when you tried turning on the Dell PC nothing happens. As and when this critical situation occurs it is common to get annoyed but you need to be calm so as to rectify this booting issue. Before trying to resolve the problem on your own users should get in touch with Dell customer support number that stays online all day long for 24 hours. The professionals will guide in troubleshooting the bootup issue confronted by you with easy and simple steps.

Exactly why your Dell PC is not turning on or booting? This can be because of the corrupted operating system, device drivers, hardware failure or due to less and complete full memory space. To resolve the bootup issue you need to follow some guidelines:

How to fix dell PC not turning on or putting up in Windows


  • Check to see if the latest version of the Operating system is installed
  • Perform a hard reset of your Dell PC by disconnecting all the cables and power supply cords. Then connect them back properly and try to turn on the system. If your PC does not turn on then try the next method.
  • Reset the BIOS to default factory setting by opening and configuring the Setup of your PC by entering F2 key continuously at the time of booting
  • You can run Dell hardware diagnostic to diagnose the error and generate a diagnostic report about the glitch that does not let your PC to boot
  • Boot your computer into Safe Mode. For doing so just press an F8 key while booting and then under Advanced Windows Option select the Safe Mode and enter the administration credential begin the process to boot system in Safe Mode
  • Try reverting the PC setting top best-known configuration using System Restore option present in Advanced Option


If these solution steps do not help you to resolve the booting error then you can interact with Dell Technical support number which is accessible 24×7 round the clock. The team of experts who have complete knowledge of Dell issues will analyze the glitch first and then will provide the exact solution for the error.

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