recover hacked att account

Have you ever witnessed any security breach in your email account? Or is your account ever been compromised? If your reply is no then it is appreciable. But in the present world of security threat, you must be prepared for every situation and should safeguard your account so well that nothing can penetrate the protection wall of your email account. In spite of securing your account on your own, you can always reach out to ATT customer Care number for extra safety tips. The professionals will deliver new and different ways in which you secure your account and personal credential too.

Hacking has become common these days and hackers are vigilant enough to notice any small mistakes you do on the internet and they just get the chance to jump on the opportunity to hack your account. The symptoms which can reveal that your account has been compromised are:

  • Spam emails are sent from your account
  • You don’t receive any mail
  • A large number of undelivered messages are received by you for the emails you did not send
  • Unable to access your account

How to recover hacked email account

Whether you are the victim of hacking or not you must follow the below-mentioned guidelines to make a protective shield around your account. However, you can recover your account only when you are able to get access to your account.

  • Reset email password

Change your account password and be sure to make a strong and unique password. Trying resetting it by answering security question only.

  • Update the credentials

You must check your account credentials like alternate email address and phone number and other important information. Update your account security question.

  • Secure your computer

Scan your computer with up-to-date antivirus for any malicious malware or viruses. Make sure you are using updated browser or OS.

These review checkup steps are easy to implement and enhance the security of your account. If you don’t have access to your account then take guidance from customer care via ATT technical support number who are reachable 24x7x365 days without fail. The technicians will deliver the feasible and effective ways by which you can protect your account.

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